The Motion Capture Library

Centroid UK Ltd & Centroid Serbia D.O.O are proud to introduce 'The Motion Capture Library'; an online store offering high quality character and animal animations at prices even the smallest budget can afford. Captured almost entirely at our bespoke facility at Pinewood Studios, The Motion Capture Library is a one stop shop for all your motion capture needs. The animation data on offer comprises of a wide range of themes and genres, which range from crowds to martial arts, pirates to zombies and in-game animations to horses.

The Motion Capture Library is updated constantly but if you still can't find the kind of animations you require then why not email us a list of what you're looking for and we will capture and put these online for you. Of course if you need a larger capacity of files or something more unusual than the norm, you can always contact us and book a shoot. With Europe's largest motion capture stage offering an inventory of props which include, cars, repelling tower, flying rigs and weapons, there is little that cannot be captured by our experienced team of mocap wranglers!

For information on our complete services please contact us at or call our Pinewood facility on +44(0)1753 630202.

01. 06. 2012